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Based in London, Community Matters provides consultancy and education services with a strong knowledgebase and innovation.

Our professional and dedicated team has extensive experience in public and private sector, working in partnership with local, regional, national and international organisations.

We provide a customer focussed service, delivering excellence and high standards in everything we do.

Our consultancy service, following a needs analysis and work definition, uses project management methodology to ensure customer needs and choices are engrained in the products we deliver. Together, we will turn your ideas into vision, and your vision into reality.

Since 2012, our education team, working in partnership with established English language schools, private schools and universities, provides a guidance and brokerage service to students, who want to study in the UK. We present the prospective students with the most suitable alternatives, in line with their needs and choices. Based in the UK, we are there for our students throughout their stay.

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A very professional service with very knowledgeable people.

Performance Manager

NHS London