West Coast University (WCU) is a Global University of Academic Research & Competency Base Education (CBE). WCU is a federation of 35 affiliated colleges/centres in 21 countries. These colleges are legal entities to impart education in their respective countries. University is incorporated in three countries of Central America namely, Panama, Costa Rica and Belize. WCU's international coordinating centre is registered in State of Delaware in United States as West Coast University Corporation-LLC.


WCU conduct international research on curriculum construction through its international study centres /affiliated colleges ensuring quality global education standards, repositioning the dignity of education and redeeming the falling academic values globally. In association with the Chartered Institute of Educational Management and Administration (USA) This Institute was established for meritorious purposes.


WCU serves as a Global University to offers higher education in professional & vocational disciplines through accredited distance education methods and also through on campus studies. WCU being global university believes in internationalization and is accredited internationally by the recognized international accrediting agencies conveying full authority to WCU to offer and award degrees in higher education as an autonomous Institution.

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